10 Practical Health Advice for Maintaining a Tip-Top Body


Many of us are looking to live a healthier life. One of the most important health tips is eating entire (whole) foods that are healthy and nourishing (1). Foods that give your cells what they need protection and food! To have a healthy body you should have healthy cells. In request to have healthy cells, you should secure and feed them.

Here are 10 Helpful Health Tips to enhance your well-being and better your body. You may not concur with them all. Take what resonates with you now and start to enhance your well-being and your body will follow these health tips into “Tip Top Shape”.

Ten Health Tips to Add to your Daily Routine:

1) Fall in affection with water!

Drinking water is not what you think of when considering health tips. Your body is an atomic structure of vitality and is up to 60% water! (2) Children have the most water, being conceived at about 78%. By one year of age it drops to around 65%, grown-up guys about 60%; however, fat tissue does not have as much water as lean tissue. In grown-up females, fat makes up a greater amount of the body than guys, so they have about 55%. Over-weight guys likewise have less water (percentage) than thinner guys. Over-weight people have less water than thinner people (percentage). Put a mark on your water bottle with a positive affirmation. For example, LOVE, PEACE, JOY, HAPPINESS. It works wonders! Love your body to its new shape.

2) Eat NO White!

White bread, white flour, white sugar, white rice – There is NO nutritional incentive in any of it…NONE. That is all. Find entire grain breads to eat. There are many, many decisions. Heat with entire wheat baked good flour (prepares a stunning cake and makes an immaculate pie crust)…yummo! For sweeteners there are many natural products to pick. For instance, a couple are dissipated cane juice, stevia, sucanat, xylitol and agave. Eat darker rice – comes in long grain, short grain and Basmati too!

3) Find a passionate exercise!

Regardless of whether the initial step is to stop using the remote and stroll to the TV to change the channel. Walk some place. Ideally 30 minutes per day (3). The more you exercise the more you will love it. Start little. 15 minutes then work up to 30 minutes…before you know it you will be at 2 hours! Incredible cardio!

4) Rest your body!

Getting a good nights sleep is one of the most important health tips. Remove time from your occupied, stressful calendar like clockwork to give your body no less than a 5-minute break. Try not to hold back on rest. Your body knows how much it needs. Give it the rest. A healthy body (paying little respect to measure) sets aside the opportunity to reflect eventually during the day. Take a meditation walk. Drinking void-calorie caffeinated drinks to remain alert isn’t useful for your body. Your body is wonderfully and gloriously made – all machines must be shut down or go into rest mode. Give your body rest.

Did you know that your mental and emotional health is directly linked to your immune and endocrine function?

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5) Eat vibrant bright foods!

Products of the soil are stacked with antioxidants. Your cells are constantly besieged with Free Radicals (Free Radicals originate from living [breathing], smoking, toxins, pollution, and many other sources). When they assault the cells of your body, they in the long run reason damage the cell. If you are not eating foods that can battle and repair the cell damage you are set out toward the danger zone…you rust up, go away, swell up, then swing to stone. Free Radical damage will cause one of two things to occur,

  • Number one, the cell kicks the bucket.
  • Number two, the cell changes and then begins to copy in its transformed shape. This is the reason for each real illness that we are aware of.

Antioxidants are the only thing that can ensure you against Free Radicals. The more antioxidants that you have in your body (paying little mind to measuring) the more protection that you will have in your body. Over-weight people require more antioxidants on account of the stress being put on the heart, lungs, joints, and bones. Antioxidants can forestall and even invert Free Radical damage (4).

6) If you are a tobacco smoker right now is an ideal opportunity to STOP!

There is no real way to be healthy and smoke. I stopped. Twice. One cigarette slaughters trillions of cells in your body. Heart assaults are responsible for more early passings among smokers because of coronary artery sickness and cancer.

7) Laugh! Sing! Dance!

A healthy body is in a decent emotional state. Appreciate life. Regardless of your size. When you chuckle the entire world snickers with you. Appreciate what you do in life. If you don’t, accomplish something else. Presently. Find something that resonates with you. Something that you cherish. Have a passion for it. Have a ton of fun in your life. Chuckle, sing, and dance, and the weight will dissolve away…especially dancing.

8) Overweight bodies are toxic!

That is all. If you are overweight…you know if you are…this is important. Lose the weight! Your well-being matters (5). Your heart cares. Try not to go on a blur diet. Start eating healthy. Start reading the ingredients on names. Recognize what you are eating. Calories are important, and void ones don’t count. Want a late-night snack…eat an apple. Have a late morning craving…eat another apple. Grapes are great too. Eat to live, not live to eat. Likewise, read #1, 2 and 3 again.

9) Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food!

Your sensitivities will clear up. Your migraines will vanish. Your body will begin to go up against another shape. If you begin to think it…it will be. If you continue thinking about how wiped out you are…it will be. How overweight you are…you will be overweight. Enable your body to mend itself. Take 3 deep breaths and go within…at any time you have to focus yourself. This aids as your body is taking on its natural new beautiful shape. You were conceived a beautiful infant. You are beautiful at this point. Trust it. Know it. Your body is a system of well-being. Your body will disclose to you what it needs. Be still and tune in.

10) Listen to your body!

This one does not really seem to be one of the health tips- but it is important. Ask yourself what would it be that you have to focus on. What are you constantly eating that is toxic to your body? Is it a diet too high in LDL foods? Is it a toxic diet of fatty foods, soft drinks, foods with a great deal of artificial this and artificial that? Your body was not designed to process “ARTIFICIAL”. Is it accurate to say that you are constantly having colds? Is it accurate to say that you are eating any products from the soil? If not, you are not giving your body antioxidants or fiber to be healthy…to have healthy organs…especially a healthy heart.

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