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Blueberry overnight oats in a jar!

Helllllllo on the verge of September! 

August slipped away. What a blur this month has been! I was talking with a friend at the pool this weekend and he said “I like my seasons well defined. Summer: chaotic and messy and packed with fun. And Fall: crisp and organized.” Call it the squiggly line effect for the earth : ) 

I am feeling called to do more spontaneous blogging – like the golden olden days. It’s funny what a month off of more formal posts will do. These “in the moment” posts that I published during August were so fun and easy to write. It makes me question why I spend so much time on a helpful post when I can still be helpful in these posts too. Just a spoonful at a time. Plus let’s face it, Google is one tough cookie to crumble. 

So here is a bonus post for you as we cruise into the crisp and organized season feeling a little messier than usual. 

AND – if you want to see a great overview video of our renovation, check out this reel! It makes me tear up to watch. 

Back To Fifth Grade

Mazen is back to school! He started 5th grade looking quite cool. And matching our front door!

Posing with their older brother, Gus, who just turned 11! 

Birch doesn’t go until this Thursday (aaaahhhh) so we’ve had a lot of extra one-on-one time. 

We have been on a podcast walks (the Yoto Mini was one of our best purchases in kid history!) Also, lest you think I’m forcing this giant child into a stroller, he still LOVES it. Does not even want to get out and walk when he could! He loves to chill he says. 

This ABC Mouse number tracing workbook was a hit. He loves the dot-to-dots. 

We also moved the play kitchen to the other side of the family room since we moved the shelf into the new Lego studio. Wish we had thought of this furniture swap sooner! It’s in such a better position to come out from the wall to play “shop” and has been getting more attention than usual lately. 

The New Sports Mudroom

I spent an ENTIRE DAY organizing the back corner of our basement. Consider it the dumping ground for anything from our old garage we didn’t know what to do with. 

I turned this: 

Into this:

This basement mudroom has always been a bit of a question mark. I have used it to store holiday items (except Christmas) in the past and household things like lightbulbs. And our soccer bags. 

Now it is sports central!

Great because we have everything clean and sorted and we can get it from the basement back door if we’re playing in the front or back yard without walking on white carpet. 

I am devastated that my chalkboard labels are peeling off in the humidity, but I will figure out a better solution. 

  • The top bins are Soccer – Skates – Golf Games – Golf Balls
  • The middle baskets are Baseball – Rocket – Balls
  • The bottom bins are Pool – Misc Sports – Helmets

Beautiful Light

I am obsessed with the morning light that comes in this bathroom window. The orchid looks so nice there too. (I hope it likes the light…)

I am also obsessed with my makeup organizers! This setup is just so much better than the vertical organizer I had before. Watch the video version here!

Free Highlighter Compact with purchase!

I use 99% Beautycounter makeup and love their highlighter compacts. You can get a free highlighter this week/weekend with any $125 purchase! Choose your own shade (I love the golden Astro which is below). A great way to invest in some new makeup is the Flawless in Five makeup bundle. You’ll get 20% off vs. buying everything a la carte. Refresh your makeup for fall! 

Kath Eats Real Food

Here are some of our meals! 

Homemade Pizza Night

Cottage Cheese + Grapes with granola

This combo is such an odd one, but it’s SO GOOD! You’ll have to trust me. 

KERF Crockpot Chicken Taco Soup

Burger Night

Our first whole family meal on the porch. We love eating out there! 

We are slowly but surely still working on the home. We hung a mirror! Still have lots of art and color to add to the walls. Mazen says he wants to go minimalist and keep his walls bare! 

See you soon! 



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