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Here’s what’s been going on at the home renovation! New hardwood flooring installed and bathroom tile going in!

I’m getting behind in my renovation updates! At first there was so much to share when everything was getting demoed, and then there was a lull during the rough-ins. Now there is so much happening I can’t keep track! This trim goes in, gutters going on, paint everywhere. Here are some of the improvements over the last few weeks. 

Main Water Line

One very necessary but horrible thing we had to do was replace the 1960s main water line to the house. This is one of those things that was a “might as well do it while our grass is already taking a beating” things. 

The old water line pipe

I’m so glad we did this because look how the pipe was nearly clogged!!!

That brought in all the water to our house – including the drinking water – yuck! We should have excellent water pressure now that it’s been replaced. 

The yard was a mess

Glad this part is over!

Kitchen Drain

While the excavator was there, they also put in a new kitchen drain. The kitchen drain in our house. The week I moved in back in 2015, the kitchen drain backed up. Apparently there were construction materials dumped down it, and I’m sure it was already narrowed from years of use. We’ve had the drain back up at least once a year in the eight years I’ve lived at this house. The old drain went under the finished basement through concrete, so there was no replacing that. We had to complete re-route it. The new drain is like 6″ in diameter and can fit a whole lemon down in. YAY!

They had a bit of a difficult time finding the sewer to connect it though. The excavation guy is standing all the way up – that’s how deep the hole was! SO glad this is over too. 

Hardwood Floors

We had the hardwood floors installed in the new parts of the main floor. Our original floors are red oak, so we put in the same to match. We’ll be refinishing the whole main floor to match this lighter color. We’re using the Bona Natural Seal, which should look like this

While red oak will always have a hint of red, it will be much lighter and airier up there!!

The mudroom


Kitchen Shiplap Wall

Our shiplap wall was finished! Still needs a few coats of paint. 


My father in law built our custom pantry! I really wanted a butler’s pantry to be able to tuck things away. While we didn’t have space for a big walk-through one, this counter under the windows will be great. I can’t wait to organize this space! (Also needs paint). 

Primary Bath Tile

Our shower tile has been going in day by day!

Heated Floors

Thomas’s big request was heated floors! The tile will go over top. 

Front Door

The new front door arrived! 

The front porch has been in shambles for weeks.  Can’t wait for it to get cleaned up, painted, and finished! We haven’t quite picked a front door color, but we’re leaning sea glass blue/green like it was vs. black or white. 

Interior Doors

A small but important task: install all interior doors. This is what Thomas has been working on during the weekends when he is at the house. 

Sneak Peek: Mudroom

Conway Custom Woodworks sent us a sneak peek at our mudroom cabinets! Cannot wait to see this IRL!

Coming soon: Kitchen cabinets (!!!!!!!!!), countertops, refinished floors!

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