He’s in the Best Shape of His Life at Age 41

Ray Gillenwater talks with Austin Force about his journey to becoming the financial expert at Starting Strength Gyms, prioritizing health and fitness, the keys to success in entrepreneurship, and contributing value to society.

  • 03:15 Who is Austin Force?
  • 04:44 Austin’s lifting numbers
  • 06:26 Feeling on the inside
  • 10:02 We are mammals
  • 11:24 What do you do to stem the decline?
  • 12:15 Advice for people who want to be bigger and stronger
  • 13:33 Feeling alive
  • 14:39 Bruce Trout
  • 18:42 How to find time to train
  • 20:07 Consistent
  • 22:59 Nutrition and recovery tips
  • 27:50 Caloric load from carbs needs to match daily activities
  • 33:22 Monster Mash Recipe
  • 37:05 Eating for pleasure
  • 38:07 View of business health/performance SS Gyms
  • 40:55 Lesson in entrepreneurship – Key to success
  • 43:42 Sell your product harder
  • 52:23 Bringing value to the world
  • 54:14 Focus on things you can control -stop stressing and start gaining
  • 01:00:28 We will not comply

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