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Here’s a bit of life lately!

Life With Boys

Not only am I the mom of two boys, but my boys have friends who are boys and their cousin is a boy so it’s all boys all the time!! 

Ice cream with the boys

Rocket games with the boys

Bubble tea with the boys

Bubble tea at Kung Fu Tea is our new favorite!

Shenanigans with boys

Pancakes with the boys

Mazen made his first batch of pancakes!! Look at Birch’s face when M added chocolate to his. 

Pool time with the boys

Pirate games with the boys

Downtown adventures with the boys

Indoor pool swim –> Christian’s pizza! 

Baseball games with the boys

Congrats to Allied Concrete!

Mazen’s Little League team won their league championship! This was Mazen’s first year in the Majors and it was a major change. Practice 2-3 times a week with multiple games. 

Thomas and I both said during the championship game how much we enjoyed watching the games after not knowing if we would have at the beginning of the season. It was so great to have Mazen like something so much, and also to have his week filled with teamwork and outdoor fun. (It helps that we live 5 minutes from the field – if we were traveling all over I know I would not feel the same!)

Guitar Showcase

Mazen also takes guitar lessons and had a showcase a few weekends ago. Loved the song the wrote and played!

It’s a girl friend!

Birch and Fern, reunited at Pro Re Nata for an open mic night!

I always love those mountain views. 

Spelling Bee

Birch has come so far with his spelling and letters!! He can read a lot of simple words. And he can sound out words to spell too. Note the Buzz Lightyear (minus a double Z!).

Tonies + Yoto

Birch is also obsessed with his Tonies and Yoto players!! This is the travel case we have. You can use it with kid headphones too. 

We recently got some new Pixar cards for the Yoto and they have provided endless entertainment. These make such great bribes or when you really need to have them be occupied (like on a car trip) – pull out a new Yoto card!

OMG Something Girly!

I am obsessed with these nap earrings from Maison Miru. I generally put in studs and leave them in continuously until I need something dangly. But the pointy backs of my studs always hurt me at night. I love that these have flat backs so they won’t poke your neck!! Great for naps, overnights, and headphones. 

The company sent me the Pave Bar, Gaia, and Small Infinity Hoops

Survivor Finale (SPOILER)

Also girly: Survivor finale girls night out! Hillary and I went to the rooftop bar at the Quirk Hotel and had margs and a delicious dinner before watching Jam Jam take home the big W!

Kath Eats Real Food

Does anyone miss seeing real meals? I’ve been writing about my meals for so long (16 years this year!) that I find them quite boring. It should either be all meals or no meals. A few meals feels lame! Let me know what you think 😉 

Blue Apron Bolognese

Blue Apron Pork + Rice Bowls

With peppers and sauce

Blue Apron Quiche and Strange Kind of Roasted Cauliflower

Blue Apron Romesco Salmon

with roasted potatoes and peppers

Homemade Quiche, Salad + Pretzel Lunch

Daily Harvest Forager Bowl

Great for a quick breakfast!

Fresh Bagel Day!

Summer Fruit Yogurt Bowl

Want More Real Food?

If you’re interested in learning more about an intuitive eating approach to wellness, check out my wellness program, Bloom which is now available as a self-study all the time! You’ll get 6 weeks of lessons on mindful eating, preparing balanced meals, nutrition foundations, and finding exercise you love. All for just $67!

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