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While I love one-brand shopping for simplicity, a single brand usually doesn’t make everything! Here are my favorite beauty add-ons (other than Beautycounter) for every category of beauty. 

My Current Beauty Routine

The average woman uses at least 16 beauty products in her routine – I think I use 2x that from head to toe! Most of them are by Beautycounter, but today I’m sharing the ones that aren’t

As many of you know, I didn’t really “get into” skincare until I committed to one brand. Shopping just one brand was kind of like shopping at Whole Foods: once you know the company’s mission aligns with your values, you can shop there freely and confidently. Plus, sticking to one brand makes it less overwhelming to use skincare products in the right order and without overlapping ingredients. 

At the time, I also signed up to become a Beautycounter Advocate (in 2019) because it made the most sense to get a 25% discount on the products I was committing to use! And of course sharing them with you all has helped me earn some extra income too. 

Because I get 25% off, most of the products I use are Beautycounter. They work great and I can feel confident they are the safest choices on the market. 

The Beautycounter Products I use:

+ a few more I’m sure I’m forgetting – like the men’s line for Thomas! 

But when Beautycounter either doesn’t have a category or when I love something from another brand, I have listed those as well.

My Favorite Beauty Add-Ons

These are either products I love from other brands OR categories that Beautycounter doesn’t make (dry shampoo, lash serum, perfume!).

Colleen Rothschild is having a moment in this house.

I think it’s a really great complement to Beautycounter! When I visited my friend Terilyn, she had me try everything she is obsessed with to compare with what I was using. I was immediately hooked on the Monoi Scrub! I also bought the Discovery Collection to try and I loved a lot of the products!

I think Beautycounter’s cleansing balm, charcoal mask, and AHA mask have the edge as favorites (plus they are cheaper for me to buy with my discount), but I really love Colleen’s Extreme Recovery Cream, and the Face Oil No9 is a great replacement for the face oils that Beautycounter discontinued (I still use/love the brightening oil, but miss the balancing oil!). I am obsessed with it! 


Makeup Erasers

Ok starting off, these are not a skincare product. However they are a MUST HAVE for me!! They are also the only thing that removes all of my eye makeup. I also like their size so much more than a big floppy washcloth, and I like that I can toss them in my laundry basket and not feel like I’m wasting anything disposable. 

Face Oil No9

As I mentioned above, this face oil smells AMAZING. Very clean and refreshing. My skin has been feeling extra dry lately, and I’ve been using it in the mornings over my moisturizer and letting it sink it before applying sunscreen or Dew Skin. You can mix it with a day or night cream.

Sugar Lip Scrub + Butter Lip Mask

While I love a tinted lip balm while I’m out and about, I prefer a super moisturizing lip product in a little pot I can apply with clean fingers at bedtime. Beautycounter discontinued its lip conditioner and I am so sad! I am still using up my last little pot of it, but I’ll be buying Colleen’s lip mask when I’m out. I tried it at Teri’s and it’s solid! The sugar scrub is also fabulous! Love me a sugary lip.

Jurlique Mists

Both of Jurlique’s aloe and rosewater mists are light and refreshing. The aloe has an evergreen scent with notes of citrus, green tea, and cedarwood (it smells SO good) and the garden rose is also lovely. I love to mist these on my face midday or when it’s hot out, or I use them as a toner (I mix them in with the Essence that I use daily). 

Beauty Spatulas

These are another tool that I can’t imagine not having on hand for getting out those last few drops of serum! 

DIME Eyelash Serum

DIME is another company focusing on clean beauty with sustainability in mind. While I haven’t tried a ton of their skincare products, their fragrances are great!! I’ve been giving this clean lash serum a test drive, and I think it’s working! I have terribly short lashes, and now they don’t seem as short as they once were.


Colleen Rothschild Monoi Scrub + Body Butter

I cannot sing the praises of the monoi scent enough!!! I AM OBSESSED! Beautycounter had a monoi scrub + body butter for the holidays and when I found out Colleen Rothschild has one year round I immediately purchased it. The scrub is oily, in a good way. It’s so hydrating and I use it on my upper body in the shower. The body butter is my current favorite post-shower lotion. 

Dove Bar Soap

What can I say: I’m a bar soap girl. I feel cleaner with a bar than I do with a loofah and body wash. Dove unscented is our favorite. 

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap

Thomas (and his dad) are both Dr. Bronner’s fanatics so we always have the big bottle with a pump in our shower. I use it to shave my legs! And it’s perfect for whenever I’m extra dirty and sweaty – like after a soccer game. 

Toasted Coconut Dry Shampoo

It would be great if Beautycounter made a dry shampoo! So many women use them these days. This coconut texturizing spray is my very favorite. It’s probably not the cleanest, so I’m always looking for more recommendations. 

Rose Softening Shower Gel

I got this as a sample from Jurlique, and it’s a gentle, soap-free shower gel. This is my current favorite for a bubble bath!

DoTerra Deep Blue Rub

If you’ve ever been a fan of IcyHot, you need to try this sore muscle cream. I put it on my foot when it’s having a hard week. The essential-oil based formula is super strong and penetrates deep into my stiff foot.


Best hair ties ever!! Love how the thicker ones make a ponytail sit super high on the head. 

Dollar Shave Club Razors

I’ve been using these for YEARS and they are the best razors ever. I had a subscription to DSC at one point and had so many cartridges that I paused it and just used the last ones up. I wanted to buy a new handle with new blades and found out they are on Amazon! My kit came with a little travel case too. I got two – one for home and one for my gym/overnight bag. Def get the 6 blade version and not the 4 – worth it. 

Joan Vass Amethyst

This is my favorite perfume I’ve ever worn!! It’s so clean and fresh for a floral. I wear it as an everyday scent, and use stronger scents for going out. It’s not very expensive or clean, but I can’t give it up….yet. Look for it the next time you’re in a beauty store! 

DIME Beauty Perfumes

But my favorite clean perfumes so far are from DIME. There’s a new floral DIME perfume I wanted to try called 7 Summers! I tried a bunch from Phlur and loved Andoranza but they discontinued it before I could buy a full-size bottle. I want to try Henry Rose and some of the other clean brands, but I am picky about fragrance, so samplers are my go-tos! 

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