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Oatmeal and eggs for breakfast are a staples in my breakfast plan. I’m sharing how to combine these two key ingredients for a nutritious and satisfying breakfast.

Every morning I wake up excited for breakfast (and coffee!). Let’s be honest, I love to eat! 

I’ve never been one to skip breakfast or get by with a 150 calorie breakfast or buttered piece of toast. I want something that sticks to my ribs and fuels me for all of the activities ahead.

Both oatmeal and eggs are two very common ingredients used in breakfast meals, in the United States that is, but they are often thought of as separate dishes: savory scrambled eggs and omelets vs creamy bowls of oatmeal topped with brown sugar. While I enjoy both own their own, I’m not usually in the mood to prepare multiple dishes early in the morning.

In this post, I’m sharing how you can combine these two key ingredients for a satisfying and healthy breakfast.

Oatmeal and Eggs For Breakfast

Oatmeal and Eggs For Breakfast

Oatmeal and Eggs For Breakfast

Sure, both oatmeal and eggs are wonderful on their own… but together, they make an even better breakfast. 

Oatmeal and Eggs For Breakfast

Oatmeal and Eggs For Breakfast

Is Oatmeal And Eggs Good For Breakfast?

You all know, oatmeal for breakfast is a KERF classic. There was a long time, when I was eating oatmeal on a daily basis. But, oatmeal and eggs are breakfast perfection!

Is it ok to eat oatmeal and eggs together?

Totally!!! You’re getting a balance of macronutrients from the two big players: carbohydrates and fiber from the oats and protein and fat from the eggs. 

  • Benefits of Oats: high in fiber and complex carbohydrates
  • Benefits of Eggs: great source of protein (7g per egg) and dietary cholesterol (cholesterol isn’t all bad!)

Other ways to get satisfying protein in your oatmeal: stir in cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, or use whole milk. 

6 Oatmeal And Egg Recipes For Breakfast

1. Savory Oatmeal with Egg via Feel Good Foodie

Have you tried savory oatmeal!? I first made Sunny Side Oats way back in 2008! This healthy savory oatmeal and fried egg recipe from Feel Good Foodie is a bit more advance 😉 With mushrooms and greens, it could be served for breakfast or dinner! 

2. Oatmeal Pancake Recipe 

One of KERF’s oldest recipes, this single serving oatmeal pancake recipe combines quick oats, a whole egg, baking powder, and cinnamon for a hearty skillet pancake ready in minutes!

3. Sweet & Savory Egg & Oatmeal Combo Bowl via Eating Bird Food

Brittany combines the sweet and savory in ONE BOWL! Put cooked egg and creamy oats in one bowl for a sweet + savory egg and oatmeal bowl that offers the perfect balance of protein, carbs and fat. This protein rich meal will keep you full for hours. Plus, there’s no added sugar.

4. Thick & Fluffy Egg White Oatmeal via Eating Bird Food

Add protein to your oats by stirring in egg whites while they cook. The end result is a bowl of thick, fluffy and filling egg white oatmeal. You can use instant oatmeal, rolled oats, or steel cut – whatever your heart desires. 

5. Baked Oatmeal

Made with two whole eggs, this baked oatmeal can be flavored for any season. Bonus, it’s great reheated on busy mornings!

Baked Oatmeal Recipes:

6. Savory Bacon + Blue Oatmeal

While this recipe doesn’t have a sunny side up egg on top, that would be a fantastic recommendation!

Savory oatmeal with bacon and blue cheese and coffee

Savory oatmeal with bacon and blue cheese and coffee

In the mood for all the breakfast things? Try my Breakfast Charcuterie Board to start your day!

More Egg and Oatmeal Recipes:

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