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Brothers at the new Bricks and Minifigs Lego store!

this !

Most of the time these days you’ll find these two brothers in a pretend punching session

(Note Birch is laughing!) 

Or wrestling during a bedtime tuck-in when everyone is supposed to be winding down.

Or playing “Bertend” which is their version of make-believe. While they both know the word is “pretend,” when they play they start every sentence with “bertend” as in “bertend I’m a big monster swimming around this truck boat.” IT’S SO CUTE! 

We recently discovered these silicone reusable water balloons that close with a magnet. GAME CHANGER!

We tested them out on Mother’s Day. Appropriate. 

Here’s us at the mother’s day picnic at B’s school. 

Birch wants to do everything Mazen does and imitates him on the reg. 

He’ll say “Mom, watch me be Mazen” and then proceed to put on a hat, walk out the door and say “I’m going to my friends’ house” with a wave. 

Baseball Season Prime

Mazen is in the thick of baseball season. This year in Little League he jumped from the Upper Minors (one practice, one game each week) to the Majors (up to 2-3 practices, 2 games per week). It’s been intense in the best way. We are so glad he has a sport he really likes. Whether he is in the dugout cheering on his team or on the field, he has learned so much this spring. 

We’ve really enjoyed watching him play! 

Things Get Quite Lonely When Mazen is Gone

Since Mazen splits time between our house and Matt’s, Birch gets pretty lonely sometimes. 

Helping me clean the car:

We are very lucky to have our nephew come over to play a lot! He’s like a second brother to Birch and is almost split in age between my two boys, so he gets along great with both. 

Kath Eats Real Food

Here are some of our spring meals! 

Blue Apron Salmon with Caper Butter, Orzo + Asparagus

Purple Monster Smoothie

Leftover Salmon on the Front Porch

Homemade Quiche with Salad + Pretzels

We are all obsessed with flat pretzels lately. 

Blue Apron Soy Butter Chicken with Rice and Snap Peas

Blue Apron Everything Bagel Crusted Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Broc

Purple Smoothie In A Big Bowl!

Sunday Pre-Soccer Breakfast


Our team won our division championship in a close 2-1 game with 1/3 of us missing and no subs. Woo hoo!

Rose All Day! 

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