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As we mentioned earlier in this article, listening to loud sounds for a long time isn’t safe for your hearing. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, listening to sound that’s over 85 decibels for 8 hours can lead to hearing loss(3).

Since earbuds are lodged inside the ears, you’re that much more exposed to noise even if it’s lower than 85 decibels. There are also going to be nights where you’re going to sleep longer than 8 hours.

And we’re throwing this in for good measure. Thirty decibels is the ideal volume of noise for good sleep quality. By the way, that’s pretty much a whisper.

So, if you must sleep with earbuds make sure to check how loud they can get. Then, make the necessary adjustments. Make sure the volume is less than 85 decibels. The lower, the better.

With earbuds, there’s also the risk of damaging your ear canal as you’re rolling in bed.

So, is it safe to sleep with earbuds in? From the looks of things, it doesn’t sound promising. But knowing the risks will help you take extra care if you decide to go for it anyway. Let’s do a quick summary of safety reminders:

  • Consider half in-ear earbuds since they don’t go inside the ear canal.

  • Clean them after every use, if possible. Once a week at minimum.

  • Make sure to go earbuds-free for at least 18 hours after long usage.

  • Turn down the volume, as much possible. Definitely lower than 85 decibels.

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