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Do you feel like you and your significant other spend a lot of time lounging on the couch and watching TV? Or do you feel like most of your dates are the standard “dinner and movie”? What kind of healthy activities do you enjoy?

Research shows that couples who sweat together, stay together- working out together can be a great way to bond with your partner, and spend quality time together.

If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s time for you and your partner to get a little more creative with your date night ideas. Sure, there is nothing wrong with staying in and watching TV or going to a movie. But these activities can certainly get old after awhile.

Plus, trying something new together and being active together can help strengthen your relationship. Not to mention, being active is great for your health.

So, what new, healthy activities should you be trying?

Check out this guide to learn about the top health activities for couples to try.

1. Go On a Run

When it comes to finding a new active hobby to enjoy together, running is perhaps the best place to start.

For starters, it requires no skill. And it doesn’t cost you any money (that is after you buy a pair of running shoes). Plus, jogging is a great way to let go of stress and let off some steam.

All couples, even the happiest ones, get in fights sometimes. Going for a run together can be a great way for you and your partner to release the stress from a recent fight and get back to enjoying your relationship. Exercising with a partner can boost your energy output and staying power. Encouraging comments and support provide the motivation and knowledge that you’re in this together.

Plus, you’re more likely to follow through on your plans to exercise when you do so together.

And if you take your runs outside, chances are you’ll discover a new coffee shop or restaurant to hit up after your sweat session. In fact, studies show that aerobic exercise can help those fighting drug abuse.

2. Indoor Rock Climbing

If you’re really ready to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing, then indoor rock climbing is the activity for you and your partner.

With indoor rock climbing, you both get to try out a new activity while getting in some friendly competition and some bonding time.

There are indoor rock climbing gyms all over the place, and they’re all very friendly to beginner rock climbers.

And who knows, it may turn out that you both love this activity and then you can get into outdoor rock climbing as well.

3. Just Dance!

When’s the last time you and your partner cut a rug together? Can’t remember? Well, then it’s definitely been too long.

Not only is dancing an incredibly fun activity that makes us happier, but it’s also a great activity for our bodies. In fact, it’s estimated that the average person burns 360-450 calories per hour dancing!

You can hit up a local club or bar to show off your dance moves, or you can take it one step further and take dance lessons together.

Dance lessons will do a lot more than just improve your physical health too. Learning to dance with your partner will also give you a chance to work on your communication and trust with one another.

4. Laugh

When we talk about healthy activities, it’s important to not leave out ones that benefit your mental health as well.

Laughing is one of the best things you can do for your mental health, so hit up a comedy show together to get your giggles on and lift up your spirits.

Comment below if you have any more ideas for healthy activities to do with your partner!

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