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It’s time for another round of things I’m loving! Here’s the September edition. Note a handful of these photos are before we moved out of our rental (if you’re confused about where we are at the moment)! 

My September Favorites

Dave’s Killer Bread Rolls

We have been loving these rolls in our house! They are SO VERY SOFT and make the perfect sandwich. Nutritionally they get a thumbs up from me too. While they may not be the most whole-grain crunchy bread out there, they have a solid nutrition profile with a blend of organic flours (including whole grain), 2 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein per roll. 

Trader Joe’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups

On the chocolate side of the nutrition spectrum, these mini peanut butter cups are so good! I first had them this summer when my sister brought them to the beach. A couple after a meal is the perfect sweet spot! 

Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola + Vanilla Yogurt

We’ve been buying this Ancient Grain granola religiously for months now, and dare I declare it the Best Granola Ever!? I love the big chunks at the top of the bag and the cinnamon flavor.

I photographed it next to some vanilla yogurt because Birch came home from school describing to us “the most delicious yogurt I’ve ever had.” Little buddy has grown up with plain yogurt and his mind was blown when he had vanilla! Of course we went to buy some for him and he’s been very pleased. 

Crush Pad

This wine bar in Cville opened sometime between the pandemic and now, and it’s my new favorite downtown spot for girls’ night!

Hillary and I made last-minute plans to meet up for wine and apps and had the best tuna nachos and pizza ordered from Luce Pasta next door. Locals, if you haven’t been – check it out!

Better Than Okie Dokie

This sandwich from Chickadee was sooooo good! Battered and fried artichoke hearts, boursin, manchego, chow chow, and arugula on a house made hoagie roll. One of the best vegetarian sandwich ever made! 

Trekkie North Shorts

You know you have found good shorts when you all three show up wearing Trekkies to lunch!! 

Water Wow Numbers Pad

Just have to give a shout out to this genius product. It’s not new or new to us, but it’s one of the best investments a parent can make because these “paint with water” pads are reusable over and over and over. After running our old ones to the ground, we bought this numbers one for Birch and he’s already tripled our investment using it daily : ) 

Star Wars Costumes

It was unanimous back in July that we’d be going as a Star Wars family for Halloween this year. Here are the costumes we got (early because why not!?).

But the question is: what should I wear!? I’m thinking about this robe or this star dress!

Cottage Cheese + Yogurt Bowls

I know, I know it’s having its year. But what an underrated food! I’ve been having cottage cheese and yogurt bowls. This had a crushed granola bar and blueberries!

Peaches and blueberries, yogurt, granola, PB drizzle

Cavallini Papers & Co. Puzzles

These vintage puzzles make wonderful gifts! We saw one at our beach house this summer, and I found this National parks version for my dad as a gift. I love the pretty canisters to store them in – pretty enough for living room shelves! 

Jeni’s Brambleberry 

This may be the best flavor Jeni makes!! The oat streusel bites are MAGIC! 

PlanetBox Lunchbox

Birch finally got a new lunchbox after using his until it was ripped and dirty. I found this 30% off at Refill Renew! Planetboxes are expensive but so well made. He is loving the bag and how he can put it over his arm. A water bottle pocket at this age is a must. 

Get some Name Bubble stickers for this school year!

Daily Harvest Dragon Fruit

New favorite flavor! They have a bunch of new smoothies. Get $25 off your first box with my link

Ivy Inn Key Lime Pie

Thomas and I went on a romantic date to the Ivy Inn and we couldn’t decide between key lime pie and the chocolate silk. T is a total choc-a-holic and I always lean vanilla/caramel/mallow/tart! We ended up getting BOTH and it was the best dessert of the summer! Look at that meringue topper! 

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