Yoga for Full Body Flexibility

I’ve got an awesome yoga for flexibility flow for you today!

Introducing the amazing Coach Karen, who is sharing a full body flow that will build strength and flexibility, leaving you feeling grounded, strong, and centered.

Coach Karen is a yoga instructor YTT 200; YTT 500; and a Team Betty Rocker Coach inside of Rock Your Life – my online home workout studio and women’s fitness community!

Yoga is great to include in a balanced training plan as it opens up space around the joints, connects your body and mind, and improves muscle tissue health. The mindful movements we do in a yoga session help support muscle recovery at a lower impact than some of our more intense sessions, and create the perfect balance in your exercise plan.

All of our challenges in Rock Your Life include yoga, stretching so you can improve your mobility and flexibility while building strength and cardiovascular health.

Now join Coach Karen and let’s go!

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Yoga for Full Body Flexibility

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Equipment: blocks, strap, blanket or cushion for knee padding

Sequence 1:

  • Cat-cow
  • Downdog
  • Puppydog
  • Thread the Needle

Sequence 2:

  • Downdog
  • Dynamic lunge to half split
  • Kneeling lunge with lateral side bend
  • Chaturanga sequence to belly
  • Prone spinal twist

Sequence 3:

  • Downdog
  • Kneeling lunge with lifted back heel
  • Chaturanga sequence to belly
  • Half bow pose
  • Child’s pose

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Sequence 4:

  • Table top
  • Side plank sequence
  • Downdog

Sequence 5:

  • Downdog to table top
  • Mountain pose
  • Standing splits

Sequence 6:

  • Plank
  • Side plank to each side
  • Child’s pose
  • Side plank to partridge pose

Sequence 7:

  • Wild thing sequence

Sequence 8:

  • Easy pose
  • Wrist circles, shake out arms, eagle arms
  • Seated cat-cow
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Breaths of awareness

Great job Rockstar! I’m so proud of you for showing up for yourself today.

Be sure to check in below with me and Coach Karen and let us know how you liked the workout and what move was your favorite!

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